Ridding your property of woodworm in Maldon, Chelmsford and surrounding areas

Woodworm is a generic term used to describe several species of wood boring insects, there are 3 species the household is likely to encounter. The most prevelent being the common furniture beetle, this is a softwood pest and is without doubt the most common species found in structural, joinery timbers in buildings. With a life cycle of at least 3 years, it's recognized as being the major insect species causing the effect commonly known as wood worm attack.

Deathwatch beetle is probably more notorious than it deserves to be, as damaged caused to buildings is usually limited. It can be found where hardwoods such as elm, oak and chestnut are used in construction. With occasional damage to softwoods

Powder post beetle, attack normally commences on timber during its seasoning, and once commenced the infection can continue. Evidence on attack can be seen on timber used on furniture, flooring and building materials such as oak and elm.

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