Clearing Properties in Maldon, Chelmsford and surrounding areas of Wasps, Bees, and Hornets

Many pests cause superficial problems, such as damaging brickwork, whereas wasps, bees, and hornets are able to inflict pain and discomfort. A lot of people are allergic to stings, and can suffer serious side-effects, while everyone will experience sharp pains if they are stung. Call the team at Advanced Pest Control Services, in Maldon, Essex, and we will eradicate the problem. 


Common wasps are found throughout the UK. They build their nests in various properties, taking up residence in roof spaces, garden sheds, garages, holes in the ground, bushes – almost anywhere!

A new nest starts with one wasp, a queen. She will build a small nest, approximately the size of a golf ball, made of chewed-up wood mixed with saliva. Eggs are laid and a new generation emerges. The young wasp carries on helping with the expansion of the nest, and throughout the summer, it gets progressively larger, eventually becoming such a size that it can hold from 3000 to 5000 wasps. Towards the end of the summer, the nest produces new queens, which will carry fertilized eggs into hibernation and will be the source of new nests the following year. The original queen will die along with the rest of her colony, and the original nest will never be used again.

If you disturb an active wasps’ nest, you run the risk of being stung, as a wasp will vigorously defend the nest. Advanced Pest Control Services will carry out the treatment to destroy the wasps’ nest. Please call us for a quotation.


There are three main species that may cause problems in domestic or commercial properties: honey bees, bumble bees, and masonry bees. All three are reasonably placid, although bumble bees and honey bees can and do sting if the nests are tampered with. Masonry bees are considered to be harmless as they do not sting, but they can cause damage to soft bricks and mortar. Advanced Pest Control Services will carry out the treatment to destroy the bees’ nest. Call us now for a free quotation.


Hornets are larger than the common wasp, and their sting can be more painful. They nest in all sorts of locations, such as holes in trees, roof spaces, and under eaves to name but a few. They are more placid than the common wasp, however they will attack if they feel their nest is threatened. Unlike the common wasp, they do fly at night. Their life cycle and behavior is much the same as the common wasp, please see section above on the common wasp. Advanced Pest Control Services will carry out the treatment to destroy the hornets’ nest, and you can call us now for a quote.

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