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Living in large colonies, ants can be found in many different places. When they enter your property in search of food, they can cause a real problem, and ant treatment and control becomes necessary. To counteract the problem, Advanced Pest Control Services will inspect your property and carry out a pressure spray treatment to the infected rooms. This involves spraying around the edge of the room, while we will also endeavour to locate the nest, although this is not always possible. If we do locate the nest, we will spray directly into it. For a free quotation, call us now.


Garden ants are the most likely to cause problems in buildings. Nesting generally outdoors in sandy soil, they become a pest when they enter properties in search of food. They are attracted to sweet substances and, as they often walk across dirty and unhygienic areas, they are not acceptable in your home. During the summer months, you may experience flying ants, which are both male and female. They often appear on the inside of properties in great numbers and can cause considerable distress.

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