Prevent Birds from Causing Havoc at Your Property in Maldon, Chelmsford and surrounding areas

The presence of a large amount of birds can have a number of effects on a property and its owner. The team at Advanced Pest Control Services understand just how important removing troublesome birds really is. That is why we provide bird control and proofing to clients in and around Maldon, Essex. Our range of solutions includes bird spikes and netting, and will be tailored to meet your individual needs. For a free quotation, call our team today.


The main birds that we deal with are pigeons. Feral pigeons can be a real pest due to their nesting habits, as they are able to nest on the smallest ledges, behind TV dishes, and on any horizontal surface. in fact, they will nest almost anywhere they can get a footing. If they are not removed, their droppings can build up and, due to the acid content, cause damage to brick work and other materials. Additionally, droppings can build up on paths, creating a slippery and unhygenic surface.

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