Keeping Squirrels Away from Homes and Businesses servicing Maldon, Chelmsford and surrounding areas

They may seem furry and cute when they’re scurrying up trees, but squirrels are a creature you certainly do not want to make their home inside your premises. At Advanced Pest Control Services, in Maldon, Essex, we have seen the damage squirrels can cause. We use our experience to provide effective squirrel treatments and removal to make sure your property is not damaged. For a free quote, please get in touch with our team today.


The main species of squirrel you are likely to see in the UK is the grey squirrel, which is often found in gardens, happily feeding on bird tables and feeders. Providing they remain outside, they are not really a problem. However, they often gain access to roof spaces, and if this happens, there is a real danger of damage being caused to timbers due to gnawing. Insulation is often ripped to shreds to provide nest material and like all rodents, they like to chew on power cables. The female squirrel will set up home in the roof to provide shelter for her young.

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